Mechanical Engineer

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Job description

Essential Functions

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  1. Provides technical safety and health support and information to personnel.
  2. Prepares written safety and health programs and policies.
  3. Identifies company safety training needs and develops and coordinates safety training programs.
  4. Develops annual company safety and health goals.
  5. Participates in new product/process reviews, including process hazard analyses, operator training, etc.
  6. Supports corporate/plant engineering to implement engineering controls to minimize safety and occupational health hazards.
  7. Supports personnel in selection of appropriate personal protective equipment.
  8. Maintains  safety library (e.g., videos, regulations, reference manuals).
  9. Promotes safety and health awareness through internal company memoranda, newsletters and specific training programs.
  10. Participates in company occupational safety and health committee.
  11. Assists as necessary in implementation of a hazard communication program and preparation of reports.
  12. Reviews process-operating procedures/records and provides input for safety and health considerations.
  13. Understands federal and state occupational safety and health regulations and monitors regulatory changes as they occur.
  14. Provides technical support to corporate and plant personnel to ensure compliance with applicable occupational safety and health regulations.
  15. Advises  staff of regulatory changes with which the plants must comply. Sufficient advance notice should be provided so that compliance on the effective date of new regulations is ensured.
  16. Audits practices and records of manufacturing plants to ensure compliance with company programs and federal/state occupational safety and health regulations.
  17. Monitors lost-time injuries/illnesses and worker’s compensation claims.
  18. Reviews safety committee meeting minutes and safety inspection reports and follows up as necessary.
  19. Reviews injury/illness and noninjury incident investigation reports and follows up as necessary.
  1. Collaboration Skills.
  2. Communication Proficiency.
  3. Customer/Client Focus.
  4. Decision Making.
  5. Learning Orientation.
  6. Personal Effectiveness/Credibility.
  7. Problem Solving/Analysis.
  8. Teamwork Orientation.
  9. Technical Capacity.

Required Education and Experience
  1. Bachelor’s degree in a safety science, engineering or industrial hygiene discipline.
  2. Knowledge of transportation operations.

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